Elementary Orchestra

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! 

Welcome back to orchestra! I am looking forward to working with all of you this school year during this remote learning time!  

*Please register for the orchestra class here
Please join us for the online parent information meeting using this link: 5th Grade Orchestra Parent Info Meeting 

Level I (beginning student in orchestra) 
Level II (completed one or more years of instruction) 

Location: Online Learning (asynchronous lessons/activities posted weekly) 

Wednesday: opportunity for connection via live Teams meetings Schedule TBA 

Materials needed for all classes: 

•    Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 by Allen, Hayes, and Gillespie (for Level 1 orchestra) *double check that the book is for your instrument!
•    Essential Elements for Strings Book 2 by Allen, Hayes, and Gillespie (for Level 2 orchestra)
•    Instrument of correct size (For returning students, if you notice that you need to change instrument sizes, please schedule a time with your music rental store to make the change)

•    Folding music stand (label with name!)
•    3-ring binder (light weight, 0.5”-1” binder)
•    Pencil with eraser
•    Shoulder rest for violin and viola
•    Rock stop for cello (for home use)


Ms. Chen and Mrs. Dolgaya